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  • Wild Bee Balm (Monarda): Tasted like a spicier oregano. Use as a seasoning, fresh or dried, or grind up into extra potent pesto. Recipes:
  • Field Onions (Allium canadense): A year-round staple, field onions are abundant in just about any local landscape. They can get tough further into the year, but right now are tender and reminiscent of chives. Use green tops as you would chives, small bulbs as you would onions (great pickled), or grill the whole thing. Recipes:
  • Frozen maple sap (Acer saccharum): Tree juice! Maple sap flows in early spring and is most commonly turned into maple syrup. As is, it's mildly sweet and full of minerals, kind of like coconut water. Great as a refreshing summer drink on its own, as a cocktail base, or for making the best coffee. Recipes: