(Foraged Shares are on hiatus indefinitely as we put time into other weedy efforts...)


Five monthly shares of wild edible plants, responsibly gathered from the Catskills and Hudson Valley. Shares consist of ten to twelve foraged items (totaling three to six lbs) and may include greens, flowers, mushrooms, berries, fruits, roots, shoots, and nuts, depending on seasonal availability.

Foraged food subscriptions (inspired by CSAs) are meant to give members over 60 different tastes throughout the growing season. They are great for adventurous eaters and cooks, folks curious to meet more of the region’s flora, and budding foragers in search of gathering uncultivated community.

All offerings are harvested from organically-managed land. Harvest methods and amounts are based on maintaining a strong population of the species gathered.

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Hudson - third Friday of the month - at Good Fight Herb Co.´s studio

AND! Now, New Paltz too - last Saturday of the month - at Lagusta´s Luscious Commissary cafe

- barter and sliding scale available -