The Superpowers of Weeds

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Many urban plants growing in concrete cracks or spontaneously popping up in parks and gardens are vilified as weeds. This view overlooks their superpowers. Weeds are tough enough to make it in New York City: resilient, adaptable, energy efficient, and useful to humans and other animals as food, shelter, materials. In this workshop, we will go on a neighborhood walk to meet some of the city’s charismatic weeds. We’ll learn the basics of safe and respectful wild plant harvests to give aspiring foragers the resources to start gathering in their own habitats. We’ll end in a hands-on meeting with Stinging Nettles: transforming these strong, feral plants into fiber, natural dye, or topical tonic, all while sipping on delicious nettle tea. 

Please note this workshop will not focus on wild foraging for edible consumption. Tusha will provide some wild edibles she gathered from upstate NY.

Ticket Price: $35. Admission to UNDERSTORY is free with the purchase of a workshop ticket.