Join Marguerite R.N., Herbalist and Wild Foods Forager for a 2 hour lecture and a power point presentation evening that includes a wild local food and drink tasting; and electronic handout with recipes included.

As a Plant Pioneer Ambassador, Marguerite shares on two disciplines in plant science – indigenous and empirical evidence. Hear about the multifaceted healing ways of our lowly weeds, their embodied medicinal nutrition, the intelligence that was once part of our human connection and how we can acquire that again today. Concepts discussed will be on re-learning this ancestral language while bridging the traditions of root healers and recent plant science data; plants bio-regional significance (epigenetics); our mutual relationships (xenohormesis); their aromatic benefits, healing sound frequencies; and, what a plant communicates … with us? Of course, the latter is only half true if we wait for science to confirm it. Do we wait? Or, do we simply attempt to attune to this possibility? Because in essence, we’ll all be healthier for it, land and body. Come listen and be informed and in the end, you be the judge.